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Aug 14, 2010

Seafood Omelet

I'm glad I re-read my own posts at times Working Hard

I promised an Omelet recipe on there! LOL

A little late, but here it is!!

So here it is, but no pics!! :(

I've been experimenting with omelets lately, and this is one of my concoctions!! And it was delish, if I do say so myself!!

Easy, Simple, like me...LOL

Whisk ever how many eggs you want in a bowl... For me no more than four at a time, so they'll turn easily. Have skillet ready, butter, and cheese of your choice,

(I love Shredded Mexican Blend). Melt butter on med. Now add shrimp, sliced fresh mushrooms, green onions, and brown slightly, until tender...Pour in eggs,

and flip after it gets done enough for you. Now cover with desired amount of cheese. Let cool slightly and serve with red pepper jelly, (makes it delicious) grits, buttered toast, and OJ!! Oh, and plenty of hot coffee!!! ;)

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