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Jan 5, 2012

Bread and Butter

Paleolithic Diet, (gluten-free and dairy-free) also called the caveman or a hunter/gatherer diet. Hunting, gathering, and gardening.

It's what po' folks have been practicing for generations.

God seemingly used bread as a curse, in Gen 3:19 anyway...But we've come to LOVE it!!! Isn't that strange? The bible makes mention of bread over 300 times --- 361 to be exact. It certainly has become a staple in our modern diets.

So what is with so many people being allergic to gluten. Here is a clue:Wheat and Dairy: A lesson about terrain and tradition

I don't even pretend to be an authority on the subject, or any other topic for that matter! lol But I have done my share of researching, and have come to the conclusion that this, along with many other diet related illnesses/allergies are a direct result of tampering with nature. Or, eating too many highly PROCESSED foods. WHY are the foods being processed? To prolong shelf life mainly.

So we are eating all of these foods that have had the LIFE taken out of them, and then they have been doused with artificial vitamins, minerals and chemicals!!

There has to be a better way to eat!

You also have people advising us to eat LESS, but actually we need to eat MORE naturally prepared foods! Foods that haven't been tampered with (processed), and foods that give us nourishment, vitality, and LIFE!!!

And this is really going to be a challenge with my Southern upbringing! You know....all those biscuits and gravy, and desserts we are so fond of! But hey, I am up for the challenge. I'm going to have my bread and milk, and eat it too!
Whole grain toast with plenty of butter, and steel-cut oats, with cream and honey sound very good, even nourishing!

Did I say that???

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