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Jan 17, 2012

Southern Cooking

As most of you know, Paula Deen has made the announcement that she has diabetes. And critics are fast to look down their noses, and say I told you so even more with this bit of information. A little empathy might be more called for!

We all know that Southern foods are rich, calorie laden at times, but sooo very good. Using salt, sugar and fat, (whether it is in the form of butter, or shortening) in so many of our dishes that we prepare does make them a bit unhealthy, especially if we use too much, and/or eat like that every day. But everyone needs to realize, that without these key ingredients, it just wouldn't be true Southern fare.

And you know what? There are just as many healthy Southerners, on the average, as there are unhealthy. And if you look at some of the skinny Southerners, you'll see they have health problems, including diabetes and heart disease just as often as overweight Southerners. And there are people down here in the South that are just oozing with vibrant health, even when they are overweight and are "healthy" eaters (meaning healthy appetites). And as far as our undernourished skinny cousins go...you know...the ones who starve themselves, live on black coffee or drink diet soda's all day, and skip meals...They are none the healthier for having done so. So don't go stereotyping all of us into one big basket.

We do know good food when we test it, smell it, and yes, even indulge in it from time to time!

And if rich, calorie laden foods are truly to blame for health dilemma's then the French should have already died out a few centuries ago with all of their rich sauces, and decadent desserts. And the Italian's would all be dead from heart attacks from eating too much bread, pasta, and pizza.

The fact is, that we do need to use moderation in eating. We can substitute healthier ingredients in some of our dishes when necessary. And we can do this without feeling deprived of our cultural heritage, or thinking we are "eating like a bird" as my grandmother use to say.

How is this possible?

How can we have our cake and eat it too, without over-taxing our conscience or our health?

I'll be adding more of my opinion and other ideas on this topic soon...right now I need to go get a glass of whole milk, and a slice of pound cake.

Don't be shocked, it IS healthy. I'll prove it to you later. But I will say, ALL of my cholesterol levels are perfect. How? I'm not sure if what the health officials, health food experts, diet fanatics, and other like-minded people have to say about fat, sugar and salt are true. While I do have a few health problems, high cholesterol is not one of them...And I do believe in eating fat, real fat, and nothing that is "low-fat" is ever found in my pantry or fridge!


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