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Aug 15, 2012

Link Hopping to Find the Perfect Blueberry Tart/Pie

Oh the wonders of link hopping...

While looking for a recipe for blueberries, I found this gorgeous website, above! I ♥ it!
That tart looked gorgeous, as well. Following the link for the recipe, Aww, disappointed... I was out of yogurt. Which sent me looking for a substitute...

OK, kick in early morning thinking, with the brain on very little coffee helping it along...Risotta!!! So I searched......But all the pictures I found were not very appealing. 
So, I came up with the idea of a custard tart...Bingo! Well, almost...It was a pie, but it definitely looked like what I was looking for!

Yet another gem of a website!!! It looked exactly as I had envisioned...While I have a tried and true custard recipe, I wanted one that was a bit firmer for the tart/pie---and this looked like a winner! But...no recipe, only another link to the original.

Martha Stewart
At last...ahhhh!

But wait!!!

Look what else I found!!!

This: Flatbreads with Winter Squash, Cremini, and Camembert

And this:  Tuscan Squash Pie

Oooo, ahhhh!

And curiosity got the best of me, when I kept seeing "CSA" on this website....Hmmm! Soooo, I searched and found THIS

Wow, now I'm really rolling....I had been searching for something about starting something like a Farmer's "Co-op" for a long time! No, not a new idea...It's one that's been around forever. But what use to be a simple way/place to buy or trade eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc. has become a modern day craft-artisan set-up. And usually big $$$...I wanted something simple, affordable, old-timey...and this looks like it could be that. May be another one of my dead-end dreams...I'm only one person!!! And it looks like it might take a lot of hands-on help to do something like this, not to mention a little moolah, and some elbow grease! But I'm going to keep investigating and see what I can come up with! 

See what treasures you can find, link hopping!!! Love it! ♥ 

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